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Craniosacral Therapy & Shiatsu Massage in Central London

Craniosacral Therapy now available in Central London

At The Healthy Living Centre Highbury & Islington

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Craniosacral Therapy in Central London

Hello and welcome. I’d love you to take some time to look around my website and find out more about Connect To Health, Craniosacral Therapy in London and how it can benefit your well-being.

Craniosacral Therapy is a non-invasive, non- manipulation of the body. It is client led and uses light touches to relieve stress, and encourages the body's unique healing system to repair and heal itself.

Sharon is a registered and accredited practitioner from the Healthy Living Centre in Highbury and Islington.

“The human body is in reciprocal balance with the whole universe and is individualised in the internal and external environmental response to the universe.”

“The Stillness of Life” By Dr Rollin Becker 

Craniosacral Therapy to improve mental well-being

The world that we live in is fast paced, busy and noisy with many pressures. These external stresses can mount up to cause anxiety and a feeling of overwhelm which may result in aches, pains, headaches and insomnia. It is your body’s way of telling you that it is not coping well.

Craniosacral Therapy to reduce stress

Craniosacral Therapy helps to reduce stresses and strains, aches and pains.

  • Is safe and gentle - because it is gentle, it is suitable for all ages, from new-borns to the elderly.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Works well with other therapies
  • Can be combined with conventional treatments

How will it help me?

If you are suffering from aches, pains, tension headaches, a feeling of overwhelm, bouts of brain-fog, stiff shoulders and neck, or you feel that your life is extremely stressful, or that you are struggling to sleep or concentrate, then Craniosacral Therapy is for you.

It is really important to learn how stress affects you, and to try and increase your ability to cope with it. This is because stress can lead to more serious problems however, the great news is that Craniosacral Therapy can help to reduce these levels of stress.

Craniosacral Therapy can have an instant effect on the body, with clients experiencing a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. A combination of these two states, enables the body to begin its unique healing process.

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Baby Craniosacral Therapy

This has proven a very effective method for babies who have had traumatic births, are suffering from colic or are having ongoing sleep difficulties. As they say, a happy baby means a happy parent!

Find out more by visiting our Baby Craniosacral Therapy page.

Why Connect To Health?

Sharon Bannister launched Connect To Health which is totally committed to supporting you in your quest to find optimum health and vitality, and to emphasise her view that total health and wellbeing derives from body and mind being completely connected.

“I have known Sharon for over 5 years both in her capacity as a tutor on the Practitioner Training course at CTET and as a supervisor at the Low Cost Teaching Clinic.

Sharon is a very gifted therapist with many years of experience and a deep knowledge of craniosacral therapy. She brings her warm, heart-centered and empathetic presence to all that she does.”

Andrew Radley, Registered Craniosacral Practitioner