Some Positive effects of Craniosacral Sessions
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Some Positive effects of Craniosacral Sessions


I would like to share two very different stories of how Craniosacral Therapy can have such a positive effect with dramatic results. 

Story 1: My client was recommended to see me as he had very severe tinnitus which was literally driving him mad. When he finally came to me he shared a number of complaints each seeming more complex than the other. Underlying all of his ailments was the fact that he did not seem to know how to switch off, or appreciate anything positive that was happening in his environment. He also said that he had not felt listened to.

So he signed up to a course of sessions, here is what happened. After our first session he said that he felt strange, different, and although it took a long time for him to settle, once I was using a specific craniosacral technique to support his parasympathetic nervous system, he literally stopped in mid-sentence. He then went into a deep state of relaxation, not for long but it was enough for his body to make a start.

After a number of sessions, he suddenly made a statement that was huge for him. He had been walking along the street and said that he was suddenly noticing the birds and the sun as if for the first time. And then he suddenly said that he had this realisation that for the first time he felt HAPPY!!  This was a huge statement for him to make as he had been suffering from acute depression and anxiety for months!! He had such severe bouts that he was on a watch list as he had also been suicidal.


Story 2: The other situation was completely different but after one session with equally dramatic results.

This is a photo of Marco a top stylist from Lisbon Portugal. About 9 years ago I was begged by the owner of the salon where he worked to give him a cranio session. All well and good you might say but to add to the challenges Marco had a stroke three weeks previously and was recovering in hospital.

He had lost the use of his speech and the right side of his upper body making it impossible for him to grip anything with his right hand or co-ordinate anything well at all. After seeking permission from the medical staff at the hospital I was invited to give a session.

We all dream of ideal environments, this was an open ward with bright lights, noisy, nurses and doctors walking in and out constantly. Added to this I did not know Marco and he had never experienced Craniosacral therapy. So I had the added pressure of explaining what I was doing in Portuguese not only to Marco, but also any medical staff that decided to take an interest as well.

Again about halfway through the session, he suddenly did an involuntary action that earlier would have seemed impossible. He yawned and raised both arms to stretch and let out a huge sign. By the end of his first session he was able to grip a plastic bottle of water and unscrew it with his other hand, again impossible previously as he used to use side of his arm against his body.

He was in tears, we all were and although he still had many months of physio and rehabilitation. Slowly he finally got back to where he needed to be so that he could continue his career as a top stylist.