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Mission Statement

Connect to Health Core Values

Connect to Health are committed to guiding all our clients to develop their unique healing plan, and to reconnect to the optimum health & vitality available, using touch and spoken word.


Connect to Health Core Values


1. Commitment:

Connect to Health is committed to guiding our clients to reconnect to their unique healing plan using touch and spoken word.  We are passionate about helping you to feel more empowered and to understand the best health that is available.

2. Accountability:

Connect to Health is registered with the CSTA and thus bound by their code of ethics, and committed to continual CPD. With over 30 year’s experience in Alterative Healthcare to be able to offer the best possible service.

3. Confidentiality:

Connect to Health has a strict code of conduct with confidentiality, and will not share any information with another party unless requested by you to do so.

4. Equality:

Connect to Health is committed to human rights and offering a service for all, regardless of race, gender, religious expression or sexuality with the utmost respect and dignity.

5. Gratitude:

Connect to Health values each one of its clients as a unique individual with gratitude, and is committed to providing the best possible customer service.

6. Integrity:

Connect to Health will deliver the service that we promise with honesty, empathy & transparency. We will only commit to services that we can forfill to the highest standard.

7. Team Work:

Connect to Health is committed to creating a partnership of co-creation and team synergy. Helping our clients to understand more about their body’s as they progress with their health plan, to empower them to make better informed choices.

8. Communication:

Connect to Health is committed to fostering safe and open communication, with new possibilities, understanding, positive action and resolution.

9. Ethical & Sustainable:

Connect to Health understands the need for more sustainable practices, and is always making ethical decisions with sustainability business practices in mind.