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Healthy Business, Body & Brain


Join us online on Monday 30th November from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm. For everything from Corporate Health to Corporate Whealth!!


This is an incredible opportunity to network, be inspired and have fun while learning. As we are working more and more from home or in different environments it's very easy to forget to look after ourselves, or notice if our colleagues may be struggling or in distress.


This summit will give you some tools to really help you feel more on top of things, get organised and create even more space for you to do the other things that are important in your life.


I am really excited about being invited to take part in the second summit by Heather Barrie & Richard Davies from My Networking Café along with other experts. 


I will be covering the effects of stress on the body and the importance of noticing when you need to do something. I will also share with you some simple hacks that can really help to get back control so that you do not end up feeling overwhelmed.


We will be covering 3 main angles


1: Tips to increase sales and control Cash Flow  

With Sas Huntwood and Karen Brooks


2: Productivity hacks and Mind Hacks for people working from home.

I shall be sharing some mind tips and Ike Gluski will go through some productivity hacks.


3: Healthy Food Mindset, Nutrition & Gut

This will be covered by Jules Francis and Nathalie Sansonetti


 What is a LINCS summit?

A two and half hour online event – professionally facilitated by Heather Barrie & Richard Davies.


L = LEARN and develop new skills by gaining

I  = INSIGHT from resident experts

C = CONNECT with a wider audience

S = SUPPORT from the online community


What is the format?


Three Presentations

Three lively learning presentations of 25 mins lead by two experts

Three Breakout Room sessions

You will have 10 minutes to work on a task related to each of the topics in a breakout room with fellow delegates. This is a great way to consolidate key learnings and network.

Two Breaks

Two breaks of 5 mins after each of the first two sessions


After the three sessions, there will be opportunity for networking. We will breakout into a series of randomised Zoom breakout rooms in small groups.

So get your tickets from Eventbrite and join us On Monday 30th November at 10:00 am – 12:30